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March 5, 2016

Proving that the race isn't yet over, Bernie Sanders scored wins in the Kansas and Nebraska caucuses and Ted Cruz triumphed in the Kansas and Maine caucuses. The two candidates trail behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the delegate count for their respective political party nominations, but the voters of the state at the geographical center of the contiguous United States chose them as the ones to vote for on March 5.

Clinton and Trump won their parties' Louisiana primary, and Trump won the Kentucky Republican caucus.

The primary and caucus season rolls on, with more elections this week.

The running delegate count so far for Clinton is 659 and for Sanders is 477. The Democrat nominee will be the first one to receive the support of 2,387.

Trump leads the Republican field with 375 delegates, and Cruz is not that far behind, with 291 delegates.

A complete list of dates for caucuses and primaries is here.

It all leads up to the major party national conventions. The Republican Party convention will be July 18–21 in Cleveland. The Democratic Party convention will be the week of July 25th in Philadelphia.

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