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Romney Dominates on Super Tuesday

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March 6, 2012
Mitt Romney inched closer to his goal of securing the Republican Party's nomination for President on Tuesday, winning the majority of the delegates up for grabs in the "Super Tuesday" primaries in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who also ran for President in 2008, scored convincing victories in that state and in Idaho, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming, along with narrow victories in Alaska and Ohio.

Rick Santorum won the most votes in North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia, which promised the highest number of delegates on the day.

By winning votes, candidates win percentages of delegates who will go to the National Convention in Florida in August and vote for their pledged candidate. (Delegates are bound to vote for the candidate that they represent; some delegates have been known to vote differently once they get to the convention, but this has been rare.) The nominee will be the person who can secure 1,144 delegate votes at the convention. Including the Super Tuesday results, Romney can count on 407 delegates. The other candidates are well back, with Santorum claiming 169 and Gingrich securing 102.

In exit polls, most voters said that the U.S. economy was their top issue, with foreign affairs and issues of religion well down the priorities list.

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