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How People Change Their Geography

Part 2: What Does It All Mean?

What does all this mean? People want their surroundings to suit their way of life, so they build more and more and more, until areas formerly dominated by open spaces are now dominated by tall buildings.

This is true in countries in which people have the money to do this kind of building. In other countries, people make do with they have. In the desert countries of Africa and Asia, however, people change their geography by building dams and reservoirs and also by setting up markets for food and clothing. You won't see too many tall buildings in the middle of the Sahara Desert, however.

But even in the countries that have the poorest people, these people are constantly changing their geography to suit their needs. They are cutting down trees or setting traps to catch animals or building roofed huts on high ground as shelter from storms or wild animals. They are setting up boundaries for their settlements.

You don't really need a whole lot of money to be able to change the geography around you. You just need the desire to do so.

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