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September 11 One Year Later

Part 2: What's Next?

And yet, in the wake of the increased security on American airplanes and at American facilities and monuments and other places where large numbers of people gather, people overseas, especially at American installations like armed forces bases and embassies, are increasingly mindful of the next terrorist act.

Just last week, a German woman and her fiance were arrested for allegedly planning a chemical explosion at the headquarters of Armed Forces Europe. How was she caught? She told a friend and colleague to stay away from the store where they both worked on September 11. That kind of tip has to be considered a lucky one for law enforcement officials, who are always on the lookout for the kind of tip that is more difficult to find.

In the past year, many planned terrorist attacks have been thwarted, in France, in the Philippines, in Pakistan, and elsewhere. Just last week, a gunman narrowly missed killing the new Afghan president, Hamid Karzai. This wasn't necessarily an attack on Americans or American interests, but the assassination of the Afghan leader most certainly could have sent his country reeling into chaos again, so soon after it had regained a sort of stability.

Nobody knows for sure whether terrorists will strike on this September 11 or on some future September 11 or even on some other day. The best that we can all hope for is that government officials and others who are on the lookout for terrorist activity continue to thwart planned attacks.

For now, on the eve of that terrible day of a year ago, the mood is hopeful but watchful.

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