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September 11 Five Years Later

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Part 1: The Pain Remains

On this September 11, five years after the horrific events of the terrorist attacks in 2001, a sense of sadness remains. Especially for those who lost friends or family on that nightmarish day, the anniversary continues to be a very sad one. Each year that goes by mutes the pain somewhat, but time can never erase the losses that we feel when someone we know or love is gone.

Throughout the country and the world, people will stop and remember where they were when they first heard or saw the news. Those who lost friends and loved ones will remember how long the day was and how they couldn't tear their eyes away from the television, no matter how much it hurt to keep watching. They will remember the days and weeks that followed, the funerals that had to be arranged and the people who were with them in their darkest times. Many will remember wanting revenge or at least something to be done. Many will remember asking "Why?" The same is true, to a lesser degree, for people who didn't know anyone who died that day.

But the losses felt that day weren't confined to the friends and family of the deceased, nor were they felt by just Americans. The long hours of September 11, 2001, and the days that followed were filled with feelings of shared sadness all around the world. Sympathetic wishes poured in from around the globe. The World Trade Center was, after all, more than just an American building complex.

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