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October 2, 2016

A scientist in the Netherlands has stitched together nearly 300 bones to make a complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth and is auctioning it off.

The bones date back to between 30,000 years ago and 50,000 years ago, said Bart Schenning, who spent more than a decade painstakingly attaching the bones on a frame that approaches 10 feet in height and 18 feet in length. Schenning assembled the skeleton in a very large shed outside his house, then mounted the skeleton on a giant frame.

The auction appears on the online site Catawiki. A representative for the site said that both museums and private collectors had expressed interest. The sale price is expected to exceed 200,000 pounds, the website representative said.

Wooly mammoths roamed Earth in the Pleistocene epoch. The large beasts were generally the same size as modern African elephants. Humans and wooly mammoths coexisted, and humans used the mammoths’ bones and tusks for crafting tools, living spaces, and artwork. In addition, humans hunted wooly mammoths and used their meat as food.

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