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October 24, 2016

There is indeed no place like home, and Dorothy’s ruby red slippers can stay at the Smithsonian and even get an upgrade, thanks to help from the public.

The slippers worn by Dorothy Gale in the iconic movie The Wizard of Oz had deteriorated in the near 80 years since the film first aired, despite the best efforts of staff at the National Museum of American History. The slippers are one of the most-viewed items in the museum, staff said.

The museum had appealed for help from the public, in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign launched October 17, with a goal of $300,000, which the museum said was needed to repair the shoes and also construct a state-of-the-art preservation display case. In less than a week, the campaign reached its goal, thanks to donations from more than 5,300 people in 41 countries. The campaign had been scheduled to end in a month.

The slippers are made of several different materials, including red felt, glass beads, and sequins made of plastic-coated gelatin. An anonymous donor gave the slippers to the museum in 1979.

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