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Hibernation Comes Late for Siberian Bears
November 20, 2006

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Maybe the earth really is getting warmer.

Another iceberg has been seen floating off the coast of New Zealand. The entire year has seen disturbing weather. Many parts of the world keep seeing their winter beginning later and later.

Now, a report out of Moscow says that bears in Siberia have missed their usual hibernation period and have started harassing people nearby. The normal long-term sleep period for these bears is from October to March. Some bears have been known to wait until early November, but the fact that it's nearing the end of the month and many bears haven't gone to sleep yet has animal experts worried.

Bears typically will eat large amounts of food right before their hibernation time as well (sometimes as much as 180 pounds of food), so the roaming insomniac bears are on the lookout for large meals. Local officials say that plenty of food is available for the bears but only if they start hibernating soon. For now, the bears are an inconvenience at best and a danger at worst for human hunters, whose hunting season for birds, rabbits, and other small animals is now open.



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