Social Studies for Kids

July 5, 2010

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Stay Cool This Summer
In many parts of the world, it's red-hot summer, with heat waves pulsing through the landscape. What better to keep you cool this summer than this fun feature.

Check out:

  • the largest fountain on Earth
  • the largest snowman on Earth
  • the Ice Hotel
  • the Ice Cream Capital of the World

and more!

Terrace Farming: Agriculture Innovation
From ancient to modern times, farmers have used ingenious methods of making more farmland out of less land. An example of this is terrace farming, in which farmers make farmland out of steep slopes and reap the benefits of their creative thinking.

The Story of the Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell, one of America's most treasured artifacts, first tolled on July 8, 1776, announcing a new birth of freedom throughout the land. Since then, it has endured as a symbol of the liberty that Americans enjoy under their representative form of government.

But where did the idea for the bell come from? And why is it cracked? Find out more about this American iconic symbol.

Wild World
This expansive site from National Geographic features loads of fascinating information about the earth and its wildlife (plants and animals). The focus is on ecoregions and the habitats therein.