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What's All the Fuss about Iraq?

Part 3: In the End

The main reason that President Bush and other world leaders (including British Prime Minister Tony Blair) want Iraq to reveal what they believe is hidden weapons is to make sure that Iraq doesn't have the power someday to launch a pre-emptive strike against its neighbors or even U.S. bases. Iraq has proved its willingness to take over neighboring countries.

  • It fought one of its neighbors, Iran, to an eight-year standstill in the Iran-Iraq war and got only a million people dead to show for it.
  • It took over Kuwait for a brief period of time in 1990.
  • Iraq threatens its neighbors and the world.
  • It almost daily calls for Arabs to rise up against the United States and its Western allies.
  • Iraq refuses to abide by U.N. resolutions and other international laws or, at least, appears to abide by them whenever they want to or whenever international pressure gets too high.

Now that the United States and Great Britain and a host of other countries have sent troops into Iraq, difficult questions remain. Will Saddam Hussein survive the attack? Will coalition forces prevail? Will Iraq use chemical weapons against its enemies?

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