Stonehenge the Tip of the Iceberg: Scientists

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September 8, 2015

British archaeologists have revealed evidence of a huge stone monument 15 times the size of Stonehenge, just 2 miles away from the famous monument.

The scientists, using remote-sensing technologies including ground-penetrating radar, found remains of sarsen and other stones below the bank of the “Super Henge” at Durrington Walls, the discovery of which itself was announced only in 2014.

The scientists, speaking at the British Science Festival in Yorkshire, concluded that the 90 stones that they recently discovered would have originally stood 15 feet high but were pushed over about 4,500 years ago and buried under the massive earth bank that encircles the Super Henge.

The presence of such a large number of stones so close to Stonehenge could force archaeologists to revise their estimates of the size and importance of such monuments, the scientists said. Such revision has already been discussed, following the reslease of a four-year survey of the surrounding landscape that found evidence of a much larger network of wooden posts, timber, earthen banks, and large stones than had been known.

Future excavations would prove whether the stones came from the same source as did those used to build Stonehenge, the scientists said.

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