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Getting Ready for the Next Disaster

January 18, 2005

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As the amount of money, food, and medicine continues to poor in to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other nations hit hard by the December 26, 2004, tsunami, major international officials are hard at work getting ready for the next natural disaster.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan spoke to an international conference in Kobe, Japan, site of a killer earthquake 10 years ago. Annan urged government leaders and aid workers of the world to learn the lessons of the Sumatra Tsunami disaster and plan better for future disasters.

"It's not enough to pick up the pieces," Annan said. "We must draw on every lesson we can to avoid such catastrophes in the future."

Other U.N. officials have urged the world's richest nations to continue to spend money on disaster prevention and relief strategies.

The conference has as one of its goals better world wide communication in the hours leading up to potential disasters, including installing an early warning system in the southern Asia region devastated by the tsunami and improving existing ones. Also on the agenda will be a major discussion on making buildings safer from damage by above-land earthquakes.

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