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Foreign Death Toll Rising

January 5, 2005

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The death toll of Americans, Europeans, and other Asians continues to rise in the wake of recovery efforts after the Sumatra Tsunami. The official death toll, which is hovering near 150,000, includes many people who did not call home the countries hardest hit by the tsunami.

Germany has officially reported 60 people dead. That is the highest foreign death toll so far. Another 1,000 Germans remain missing.

Sweden has reported that 52 of its people are dead and that 1,903 are missing.

The number of Americans dead is now reported as 36, with thousands more missing. The U.S. State Department said that it had received 26,000 inquiries into the whereabouts of people believed missing the wake of the tsunami and that it had been able to resolve about 18,000 of them.

Many of these people were vacationing in Thailand or Sumatra. Others live or work there.

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