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Standing Students Burn More Calories
September 28, 2014

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Standing could be the new sitting in classrooms.

A school district in Texas became the latest to trial asking students to stand, instead of sit, for various parts of the school day. These were elementary school students in the College Station Independent School District. The one-week trial found that the 374 of a total 480 students who participated burned more calories, showed more alertness, and exhibited more intense powers of concentration than their sitting-only counterparts.

The trial involved the students' swapping sit-only desks for raised desks. The students also wore sensors that tracked their calorie expenditure. Results showed that students who wore the sensors burned 15 percent more calories than students not participating in the trial. The results were published in a September issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Similar results came from recent similar studies in Perth, Australia, and Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Such studies have taken place on and off for the past few years.

Recent studies on adults using standing desks at work have demonstrated similar results.

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