North Korea War Drills Coincide with South Korean Impeachment

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December 11, 2016

Taking advantage of its southern neighbor distracted by a presidential scandal, North Korea has conducted a big military drill that, among other things, targeted Blue House, south Korea's presidential residence.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was seen in photos to be reveling in the results of the drill, which included the successful breach of Blue House securities and the building's being set on fire.

Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-Ahn, acting President while elected President Park Geun-hey is suspended after being impeached, conducted an emergency meeting of the country's cabinet. South Korean troops got the call to be on high alert.

North Korea has already twice this year conducted nuclear tests and other times launched missiles. In September, the United Nations Security Council issued a tough set of sanctions, limiting North Korea's amount of exports of coal, the country's top product.

Park had approved stronger sanctions against North Korea and had agreed to fire up an advanced missile defense system from the U.S. The suspension of Park from her role as President has created uncertainty, many observers say. Accused of influence-peddling along with three former aides and close aide, she awaits a judgment from the Constitutional Court, and that judgment could take up to six months.

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