Solar-powered Plane Lands in NYC

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June 17, 2016

After a picturesque circling of the Statue of Liberty, Solar Impulse 2 touched down at JFK International Airport, ending Leg 14 of the solar-powered plane’s planned round-the-world-without-refueling flight.

Andre Borschberg was at the controls for the short flight, which began at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania. The landing completes the plane’s crossing of the mainland of the United States.

Bertrand Piccard, the other member of the two-pilot team, was in the cockpit when the plane touched down on the West Coast on April 23. The two pilots have taken turns flying since the flight attempt began in March 2015.

The next leg will take the plane across the Atlantic Ocean, to Europe or North Africa, before completing the circumnavigation by landing in Abu Dhabi.

The plane gets it power from the Sun, and from a system of 17,000 photovoltaic cells and rechargeable batteries.

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