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Snowed-under School Tells Students to Work at Home
November 12, 2014

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Minnesota students worked from home recently when a snowstorm closed their high school for a day.

Rather than write off the day as a snow day, the principal of St. Cloud Cathedral high school ordered students to use laptops, tablets, and other electronic means of learning to do their school work. It was a one-day test, but the principal was so pleased with the results that the school is likely to adopt the policy going forward.

Teachers had uploaded their lesson plans and student assignments to the school's online portal by 10 a.m. The students, in grades 7-12, logged on and got to work.

The polar vortex of 2013 was particularly harsh in Minnesota, and St. Cloud Cathedral lost five days to weather-related cancellations. To make up the days, the school resorted to having classes during Eastern Break and for a few days in what otherwise would have been summer break.

Other schools in other states have reported similar trials and similar favorable results.

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