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April 19, 2016

Just in time for the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, the London Underground has released a Tube map that features names and places from the Bard's plays.

You can go from Tybalt Station to James I Station, while first passing through Macbeth Station and Lady Macbeth Station. A transfer at Macbeth Station could take you to King John Station or, via yet another transfer, to Elizabeth I Station.

Fancy a trip through stations named for famous Shakespeare lovers? Try what would otherwise be the Central Line, where you can make a stop at Juliet Station. In the same way, the Jubilee Line has been restyled Fathers and Kings, featuring stations named for King Lear and Shylock.

The London Underground features 14 lines and 367 stations. Shakespeare himself gets a station named after him. As well, some stations have been restyled with the names of other famous playwrights, including Christopher Marlowe, and with the names of other famous Elizabethan actors, including Richard Burbage.

The map also features station names honoring playhouses from Shakespeare's time: the Blackfriars, the Curtain, and the Globe.

Going further afield, some lines have stations named for modern actors and actresses who have appeared in famous adaptations, on stage or on screen. And further afield still, some stations are named for productions based on Shakespeare plays, such as West Side Story, a musical based on Romeo & Juliet.

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