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Sea Trash a Serious Problem

November 6, 2006

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The world's seas and oceans are full of garbage, specifically plastic trash, and the problem is worsening by the day, according to the international agency Greenpeace. The environmental watchdog has issued a special report citing huge amounts of trash on the open seas, dumped by careless people all over the world. Among the items cited in the report are such mundane things as plastic bottles and aluminum cans and other items such as used fishing nets. Other common items were used toothbrushes and beach toys.

The report particularly faulted fishers for dumping their old nets into the ocean, saying that such nets still caught fish, sometimes trapping them beneath the surface. Another fish-related item found dead fish by the hundreds with plastic and other kinds of trash in their stomachs.

The name of the report is Plastic Debris in the World's Oceans. The report says that more than 250 species are the victims of sea trash, either by eating it or getting entangled in it.

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