Parents to Pay for Children's 'Excessive' Electronics Use

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February 15, 2015

Children in Taiwan who spend too much time using electronic devices can cost their parents a lot of money.

The Taiwanese government recently revised the Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act so that it includes a penalty for "excessive" use of computers, tablets, or smartphones. Parents whose children are found to be mentally or physically ill as a result of too much time on electronic devices could face a fine of up to $50,000 Taiwanese dollars (US$1595).

The legislation does not set parameters for what is "excessive" or detail practices for monitoring such use of electronic devices. Some have speculated that the measure is largely symbolic, designed to draw attention to a problem rather than offering what many think is a harsh solution.

A similar law is already on the books in China. Other countries, including the United States, have seen sharp increases in the amount of time that children, even very young ones, spend staring at device screens.

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