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Locally Grown Food, Nutrition Videos among School Lunch Strategies
November 9, 2014

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In the ongoing campaign to improve students' nutrition, schools in two states have started serving locally grown food and broadcasting nutrition-friendly programming at mealtimes, respectively.

A total of 15 school districts in Northern and Southern California have begun serving fresh food grown nearby, not shipped from other states or other countries. The districts include locations in large cities, such as Los Angeles and Oakland and San Diego, and in rural areas. Students tested and approved the menus, which included cuisines of several ethnic varieties.

Planners cited economic advantages as well, in that projections are that schools' buying locally grown food will add jobs in the areas.

Meanwhile, in one large school district in Florida, students who eat breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria will have access to large-screen televisions broadcasting fitness facts, dietary information, and even short videos, all promoting the need to eat healthful food. The broadcast information will be dispatched from a central broadcast center, in a partnership between the state's Food and Nutrition Services and the state's Dairy Council.


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