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Remains of Revolutionary War Fort Found
May 5, 2013

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Archaeologists have found remains of a Revolutionary War fort in rural Georgia.

Carr's Fort was a hastily erected structure that served as a base for Loyalist forces aiming to extend British supremacy in the southern United States during the latter years of the war, when American forces were in control of much of the north. British troops had captured Savannah in December 1778 and were in control of much of South Carolina as well.

The following February, a shootout took place at the fort and the result was a dent in the British drive to recruit Loyalists in the area. An American force of nearly 350 took control of the fort, which was manned by about 200 British soldiers.

The subsequent Battle of Kettle Creek featured the same American soldiers who took control of Carr's Fort. In the later battle, the Americans won the day and captured about 800 British soldiers. It was seen as one of the Revolutionary Army's greatest successes in Georgia.

Carr himself was a cattle farmer who had settled in northeastern Georgia, between Athens and Augusta, with his wife and children not long before. He was also captain of a militia company. The Fort was the result of his desire to protect his farmhouse and property. No larger than a tennis court, the fort nonetheless could hold 300 people.

Dan Elliott, who led the six-person archaeological team, said that the findings included military items such as musket balls and rifle parts and more pedestrian items such as horse shoes, buttons, door hinges, wagon parts, and even cooking implements. The team also found a colonial coin from the period.

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