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November 29, 2015

Repurposed chewing gum is the name of the game for a United Kingdom-based company called Gumdrop Limited. The folks who cleaned off Seattle’s Gum Wall might want to take note.

Gumdrop Limited have unveiled gumdrop-shaped receptacles for used chewing gum, complete with signs encouraging the practice. Most modern chewing gums are made of synthetic rubber or a similar product and so do not degrade easily. The company vows to empty the receptacles as often as needed, process the contents at special recycling centers in and around London, and use the result to make things, among them more used-gum receptacles.

Trials of receptacles in London airports and on city streets netted a huge amount of used gum while also cutting down on a huge amount of gum discarded on streets and walls. As a result, places like Legoland U.K. have installed the gum receptacles.

The company offers miniature receptacles, which can be attached to keychains.

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