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July 17, 2016

It's a race across Texas, but no one need leave home to compete.

The Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) is challenging Texans (and anyone else, for that matter) in a virtual way to show how much they know about the history and geography of the Lone Star State.

The Virtual Race Across Texas is a three-week challenge full of daily quizzes designed to enhance users' knowledge of important people, places, and things in Texas history, while also sharing the experience with friends and family.

On offer are weekly prizes and a Grand Prize, to be handed out at the end of the three weeks; the grand prize is two nights at a luxury hotel, a round of golf at the famous Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, and free admission to Bastrop-area museums. Prizes available each week include books, T-Shirts, museum admission tickets, gift cards to Texas businesses, getaways to historical locations, and a huge smoker grill.

The free game challenges players each day in the form of an email quiz, including opportunities for hints, from the Handbook of Texas, which has thousands of articles on Texas history, augmented with modern tech tools like videos and other audiovisual methods of learning.

Answering a question correctly gains a player 25 points. A player who joins the TSHA gets a one-time bonus of 500 points and then 50 points for each correct answer. A player gains a one-off bonus of 200 points for each friend recruited.

The competition started on July 11 with the first battle of the Texas Revolution, a skirmish between the Mexican Army and Texians who lived in the town of Gonzales and the surrounding area.

The competition ends as the month of July comes to a close and participants have visited 21 locations across the state.

The TSHA has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, as well as a website for the race.

The Race Across Texas is part of the state's A Future for Our Past campaign, which began in 2012 as a means for helping Texas residents learn more about their state and its rich history.

More than 10,000 participated in the race in 2015.

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