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Your Pets Can Now Rest in Space
August 4, 2014

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Pet owners who lose their furry friends can now remember them when they look to the stars.

Celestis, a company that has sent human remains into space since 1995, is extending its services to pet owners. The remains of an Australian shepherd, appropriately named Apollo, will go into space in October.

This isn't the entire remains, though; rather, the company plans to transport an urn with a tiny bit of ashes or a lock of the pet's hair. All spacecraft are privately owned and operated.

The Houston-based company offers four tiers of space memorial services, ranging from $995 to $12,500. The least expensive option, Earth Rise, guarantees a launching of the remains into Earth orbit (and a return for terrestrial burial); the most expensive options, Luna and Voyager, deposit the remains on the Moon or include them on a mission to deep space, respectively. In the middle is Earth Orbit: for $4,995, the pet's remains will circle the planet alongside a satellite before re-entering the atmosphere for a final resting place.

The company has made a name for itself by launching into space the remains of several famous individuals, including astronaut Gordon Cooper, comet discover Eugene Shoemaker, and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

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