Octopus Turns Camera on Humans

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March 8, 2015

First, an octopus proved adept at picking World Cup winners.

Now, an octopus has shown photography skills.

A Vermont college digital media producer put a camera inside a waterproof case, with the lens pointed at an octopus. The plan was to shoot some footage of the octopus, which had been an object of study for some neuroscience students.

What happened next was true, according to Middlebury College's Benjamin Savard, who posted online the photographic play-by-play that proved that his story was not a fake.

The octopus took the camera in tentacle and turned the lens 180 degrees, so that the person was now in the frame.

Thoughts that the octopus was showing more than curiosity went out the window when Savard observed what happened next: The octopus tried to eat the camera.

No cephalopods or cameras were hurt in the process, however.

Savard has produced a GIF sequence of the events.

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