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N.Y. Police Dog Gets Special Recognition
March 4, 2012

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Sgt. Harry J. Wheeler, a former orphan, is now a star for the New York State Police, which is quite an achievement for a dog.

Wheeler, a German shepherd found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, has gone from a homeless dog through a 20-week training course to a dedicated K-9 police dog, serving on the force in Binghamton.

Michael Boburka, Wheeler's partner, said the dog's service had been exemplary.

Just recently, Wheeler helped investigators find the body of a boy missing for months. The investigation by humans had not been able to locate the boy. Because Wheeler and his human friends found the boy's body, the suspect in the murder case was convicted. It was Wheeler's sixth found body.

According to Wheeler's profile page, he specializes in, among other things, tracking and building searches.

German shepherds often make good police dogs because their ability to sniff out explosives and other threats. Wheeler is one of several former homeless dogs now serving in the New York State Police.



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