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Disney Turns Away Santa Look-alike

December 18, 2006

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Santa is not to be imitated and certainly not when you're at Walt Disney World.

J.D. Worley, a Florida man who looks a whole lot like the common image of Santa Claus, was thrown out of the Orlando themepark recently because of his looks. Specifically, a bunch of children confused him with the "real" Santa Claus. According to Walt Disney World officials, Worley told the children that he was Santa Claus. Worley says he said no such thing.

Worley, whose natural looks bear a striking resemblance to the "jolly old Gent," likes to walk around in a Santa hat, and he enjoys being called Santa by his friends. According to at least one website, he and his wife are known for their resemblance to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, as they are popularly pictured.

Worley says that park officials told him to leave; they say they only told him to stop saying he was Santa.

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