Norman Rockwell Undecided Voter Painting Sells for $6.5 Million

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November 28, 2016

The Norman Rockwell painting featuring an undecided voter has sold at auction for $6.5 million, U.K. auctioneer Sotheby's reported. The pre-sale estimate was $6 million.

The painting, Which One (Undecided; Man in Voting Booth), was put up for auction by the estate of Ogden Mills Phipps, a horse racing executive who bought the painting in 1985. Phipps died in April 2016.

Rockwell, the well-known artist whose works frequently graced the covers of The Saturday Evening Post, created the painting in 1944 to illustrate what many voters in that presidential election year were feeling. The election that year, as the newspaper the painting's protagonist depicts, was between the Democratic Party candidate, incumbent President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Thomas Dewey, the candidate of the Republican Party. (Roosevelt won that election, for his unprecedented fourth term as President.)

The auction was announced in time to factor into conversations about the 2016 presidential election.

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