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New Top Predator Dinosaur Discovered
November 24, 2013

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Chicago and North Carolina researchers have announced the discovery of a new dinosaur.

Siats meekerorum, as it is scientifically, roamed what is now North America in the middle of the Cretaceous Period, the "Age of the Dinosaurs." The giant lizard was more than 300 feet long and weighed 4 tons. Its remains were found in the Cedar Mountain Formation, in eastern Utah. The scientists who made the discovery said that the name meant "cannibalistic monster."

The "monster" was at the top of the food chain, even above the tyrannosaurs that were around at the time. (Those were not Tyrannosaurus rex but, rather, smaller versions of the famed predator lizard.) What the discovery mean, though, is that the tyrannosaurs that were around at the time were not the top of the food chain, as were their T-rex descendants.

Scientists were also excited to discover that the closest genetic markers to Siats meekerorum have been found on other continents, bolstering the theory that dinosaurs at the time roamed far and wide.

Inspiration for the name came from the neary Utes, a Native American people who lived in the area.

The announcement came from scientists at the Field Museum of Chicago, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and North Carolina State University.



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