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Role Reversal: Mouse Traps Cat

January 29, 2007

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A mouse in the U.K. has gotten the last laugh on a cat.

Mindy the cat was chasing a mouse and thought she had it cornered. The mouse had other ideas, scurrying into a jar and hoping that the cat couldn't fit inside. The mouse's hopes were realized, as Mindy the cat got her head inside the jar but got stuck. She couldn't reach the mouse, and she couldn't get her head out.

A concerned citizen saw the jar-wearing cat staggering down the street and took it to the nearest police station. Officers there tried to get the jar off Mindy's head, but they had no luck. Finally, in desperation, Mindy smashed the jar on the floor. Glass went flying, and so did the mouse. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The police know that the cat was named Mindy because she had a microchip that identified her. Animal control authorities were able to contact her owner, who took Mindy away after listening in awe at the story.

The mouse, as far as anyone knows, is still free.

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