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Mexican President Submits Plea to Change Name of Country
November 22, 2012

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President Felipe Calderon wants to change his country's name to the one it's already known by around the world.

Calderon, who is the leader of the country technically known as Estados Unidos Mexicanos ("The United States of Mexico"), has sent a bill to Congress that would change the name to one word: Mexico.

The 14th Century Mexica tribe was the inspiration for Mexico City and the wider country for the next few hundred years. However, the founders of the modern country in 1824 named it after its neighbor to the north, incorporating the words "Estados Unidos."

The country is known the world over as Mexico over. It is referred to Mexico in conversations, on paperwork, and certainly on maps. Some might question why Calderon is doing this. His response is simple: He thinks his country should follow its own lead, starting with the name of the country.

A proposal as significant as changing the name of the country faces a series of possible setbacks. First, both houses of Congress must approve it. Then, a majority of the country's 31 state legislatures must approve it.

Calderon, defeated in the most recent presidential election, in July, leaves office on December 1. He proposed the name change once before, in 2003, and the proposal went nowhere. He was a congressman at the time, however, and not the outgoing president.

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