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McDonald's Wins Malaysia Restaurant Fight

September 11, 2006

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Credit McDonald's for perseverance.

The American fast food giant has prevailed in a five-year legal battle against a restaurant in Malaysia that calls itself McCurry. A judge in Kuala Lumpur, the country's capital, ordered the restaurant to drop the "Mc" from its name, agreeing with the McDonald's argument might confuse the two restaurants.

McCurry is a 24-hour open-air restaurant that serves spicy fish-head curries, tandoori chicken, and other Indian food. McDonald's, on the other hand, even in India, serves burgers, fries, and shakes.

Still, the judge has so ordered. McCurry isn't going quietly, though. The restaurant plans to appeal the ruling. Their argument is that the sign that everyone thinks is the name of the restaurant is just an abbreviation for "Malaysian Chicken Curry," an item on the menu.

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