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November 24, 2015

The lost Greek city of Kane has been discovered, archaeologists say.

The Arginusae Islands are now called the Garip Islands and are not far from the Turkish coast. In 406 B.C., the islands were famous as the site of an epic battle between the forces of Athens and Sparta, during the Peloponnesian War. The Battle of Arginusae was one of the victories for Athens during the later part of the war. After the victory, however, a storm prevented the top eight Athenian admirals from rescuing the survivors of ships that had been sunk, and a vengeful Athens executed six of the eight admirals.

Ancient sources, among them the historian Xenophon, referred to three Arginus islands; only two remain today.

The island that contained the ancient city of Kane became a peninsula, the researchers found. Among their evidence were extensive geological evidence of the natural formation of a land bridge, the submerged remains of a Hellenistic period harbor, and a 16th-Century Ottoman map showing a peninsula where the island had once been.

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