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LEGO Releases All-female Scientists Set
August 12, 2014

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LEGO has released its first set of all-female scientist figurines, and they were so popular right away that the company has had to make more.

The female astronomer, chemist, and paleontologist are part of the company's new Research Institute set, which shows the scientists in job-like settings: the astronomer is looking through a telescope, the chemist is mixing chemicals in a lab, and the paleontologist is building a model of a dinosaur.

The 165-piece set follows in the footsteps of earlier female LEGO science characters, beginning in 2013, and on the heels of an Internet sensation involving a much-forwarded letter from a 7-year-old letter to LEGO, complaining that the female LEGO characters were lacking in the kinds of scenarios depicting male LEGO characters, such as swimming with sharks and saving people and even just holding down regular-looking jobs. Geophysicist Elaine Koojiman consulted with LEGO on the creation of the Research Institute scientists.

For its part, LEGO is rapidly producing more Research Institute sets, to filling a growing demand. The company also has promised to deliver more female LEGO characters, doing more interesting things.

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