LEGO Releases Official (and Young) Figure in Wheelchair

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January 29, 2016

Lego has officially released a human figure in a wheelchair, and the person depicted is not old. The figure wears a hat and has a helper dog. Lego unveiled the figure at the Nuremberg and the London toy fairs.

Many Lego users in recent years have adapted figures to include wheelchairs and other conditions of disability, but this is the first time that the Danish company itself has issued one that is not a stereotype of a disabled person. Lego had previously issued a figure of an elderly man using a wheelchair. Activists were not happy with that stereotype, however, and launched a worldwide media campaign to call attention to Lego’s lack of figures showing people with disabilities.

Of particular note was a petition that generated 20,000 signatures. The co-founder of the drive, Rebecca Atkinson of England, also launched a Twitter campaign, with the hashtag #ToyLikeMe.

The wheelchair figure is part of the City range, which also includes a cyclist, and ice cream vendors, and other people having a picnic. The company said that the set would be on sale in June.

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