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King Tut's Tomb Replica Opens to the Public
May 4, 2014

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King Tut's legacy will live on even after his tomb is no longer visited by hordes from the general public.

Egyptian authorities have announced the opening of an exact replica of the tomb of King Tutankhamen, the famed "Boy King," as a way to maintain the sanctity and structure of the real tomb, which has been a focus of intense scrutiny and tourist traffic since it was discovered by Howard Carter's team in 1922. Human traffic in and around the tomb has been so intense in recent years that the walls are beginning to crumble, officials said.

In 2009, conservationists began laser-scanning the tomb, capturing each tiny detail for future replication. Then, they capitalized on the advent of 3-D printing to create a life-size replica, down to the tiniest detail captured in the laser scans. The process was delayed by the political unrest in the country.

The replica opened for business on April 30 in Luxor, not far from the original tomb.

Performing the replication efforts were members of the Factum Foundation, in association with the Egyptian Tourism ministry, the Egyptian Antiquities ministry, and the Society of the Friends of the Royal Tombs in Egypt.

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