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Fukushima Nuclear Plant Reports More Contaminated Water
April 7, 2013

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Contaminated water, more than 120 tons of it, has seeped into the ground from two holding tanks at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The report, issued by the plant's owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, was the latest in a long line of setbacks following the twin disasters of the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit the northeast of Japan two years ago. The tremors and waves so damaged the plant's reactors that they were shut off, but not before releasing enough radioactive waste to send hundreds of thousands of people who lived by running for their lives. A great many of those displaced by the meltdown have not returned.

The latest leaks were the largest since December 2011. One leak was very large, and the contents of that leaking pool was being drained into a nearby storage area. The leak in the other pool was deemed small enough not to require a draining.

The pools are a vital part of the plant's operation, since they help cool the radioactive material still stored at the plant.


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