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Holland Embraces iPads in Primary Classrooms
June 11, 2013

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The Netherlands is expanding a project to put iPads in the hands of primary school students.

The Education Ministry has announced plans to approve the use of Apple-made tablets for 1,000 students at dozens of primary schools throughout the country, as part of a promotion by O4NT, a foundation that is a Dutch-language acronym for "Education for a New Era." Some schools will use their own budgets to pay for the iPads; parents at other schools will foot the bill; corporate donations will provide the funding at still other schools.

A teacher at one school, in the town of Egmond-Binnen, reported the successful pilot of a tablet strategy, involving students' downloads of educational apps. The teacher reported that students were more engaged in their learning when it came in the form of an interactive, touch-driven experience, which the iPad provides. The apps in the Egmond-Binnen classroom complemented the teacher's instruction.

The move echoes launches in other countries, including Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S.

O4NT also plans to extend opening hours for schools, to provide more learning opportunities for students. A related part of the plan will allow students to do their schoolwork remotely, on their iPads.

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