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Modi to Lead India with Clear Majority
May 19, 2014

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Narendra Modi will soon be Prime Minister of India.

The results of the largest democratic election ever showed a landslide victory for Modi, head of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Of the 543 seats in Parliament, the ruling Congress party looked to have won 44. The BJP, on the other hand, won 282, 10 more than the minimum needed to rule. The BJP is the largest partner in a multiple-party coalition, and the total number of seats won by that coalition is estimated at 337.

Since 1989, when Rajiv Gandhi took office with a large majority (415 seats) in the wake of the assassination of his mother, Indira, India has been governed by coalitions. The same looks to be true of Modri's government, except that his party has the votes to pass through legislation on its own, if the entire membership approves.

During the five weeks of voting, more than 500 million people cast ballots, a record 66-percent turnout.

The other presidential candidate, Rahul Gandhi, wished Modri well.

Modi and the BJP are already planning reforms of the labor market and of the taxation system, in an effort to boost a slow economy, one of the prime factors in Modi's unseating of the ruling government.

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