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Polls to Close in Indian Elections
May 12, 2014

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Voting will soon finish in India's election, the largest in history.

After five weeks, the campaign ran to its conclusion, with prime minister favorite Narendra Modi urging voters not to stand on the sidelines in the battle between him and Rahul Gandhi, head of the ruling Congress party.

Opinion polls have consistently shown a likelihood that Modi will win the election and that his Bharatiya Janata Party will take over the 543-member parliament from the Congress party, which has ruled for the last decade but has appeared to lost voter confidence after a series of political scandals and a sharp economic downturn.

Final results are expected by the end of the week. Modi's party is expected to get the most votes but not enough to govern alone and so is running as part of a coalition titled the National Democratic Alliance. No major party has been fullyin charge of India's government since 1989.

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