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Large Crowd Commemorates 'I Have a Dream' Speech
August 24, 2013

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Tens of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

King delivered the speech at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. In this historic speech, King said he had a dream that white and black children would one day walk hand in hand and that one day sons of former slaves and sons of former slaveowners would be able to agree to live together

In 2013, 50 years later, many who gathered in D.C. found much to discuss, starting with an African-American in the White House, something that many believed King had little dreamed of while he was alive. Others found much still to do, such as renewed efforts to shore up rights guaranteed in the parts of the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the Supreme Court a few months ago.

Martin Luther King III urged all present to continue the struggle toward racial equality. Georgia Rep. John Lewis, who spoke at the 1963 march, urged swift action on voting rights laws.

The events ended with a prayer from the Rev. Bernice King, daughter of the slain civil rights leader, and then a march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, a reverse of the 1963 march. Along the way, the marchers walked past the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.




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