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Twinkies Return with a Bite Taken Out
July 15, 2013

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Twinkies are back on store shelves, the result of a slight downsizing that involved both the owner and the product itself.

Hostess declared bankruptcy in late 2012 and sold its assets to various buyers. Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. bought Twinkies and other Hostess-brand snacks and then reorganized, closing some distribution centers and creating more localized production. In a key change from the previous ownership model, unions do not represent the employees of the new Hostess.

Another change that the new owners say happened late last year during the well-publicized bankruptcy proceedings is the slight decrease in overall size and weight of the Twinkies themselves. The nutritional information on the boxes of newly made Twinkies list each two-snack-cake serving as having 270 calories, meaning that each Twinkie has 135 calories. The weight is listed as 38.5 grams per cake. Boxes of Twinkies made last year list the serving size calorie amount as 300 and the per-cake weight at 42.5 grams.

This coincides with another change, to the shelf life. Twinkies now last up to 45 days on store shelves, up from 26 days. The new Hostess owners are also granting requests from retailers who want their Twinkies frozen, so the retailers can apply their own expiration dates.

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