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Twinkies Shelf Life at 45 Days
July 8, 2013

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The new owers of Twinkies have boosted the shelf life of the iconic snack to 45 days. The famed spongy yellow cakes will be back on store shelves on July 15.

The change is not a new one. The previous owner had made the tweak in the ingredients to improve shelf life, and some of those longer-lasting cakes were on shelves near the end of 2012. But that fact was overshadowed by the bankruptcy of Hostess.

Now that the new owners, Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co., have reorganized the production mechanisms and started making the snacks again, consumers can rest assured that if they happen to buy two arms' full of the snacks when they go on sale again, the uneaten Twinkies won't go bad for several weeks (if indeed they go bad at all).

The previous shelf life of Twinkies was 26 days.

The new owners, who refused to detail the change made to the ingredients in order to achieve the longer shelf life, also said that they would, in many cases, deliver frozen Twinkies to many stores so those store owners can put their own expiration dates on the packages. A spokesperson for the new Hostess did promise, however, that any change in ingredients had not changed the familiar taste.

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