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Teen Hiker's Note on Mountain Found 40 Years Later
October 7, 2012

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A California teen left a paper message on a mountain peak 40 years ago, and the message has been discovered intact. The discoverers are still searching for the author.

Hikers trekking up Milestone Mountain, in Sequoia National Park, discovered a metal canister in September. The canister included this handwritten note:

“Tim Taylor climbed to this peak, Thursday, August 17, 1972. Age 13 yrs. Anyone finding this note please write.”

Helpfully, young Tim had included an address, in La Cañada Flintridge. But the present-day hikers got no joy after writing to that address. Tim Taylor, it seems, doesn't live there anymore.

The hikers, a 69-year-old grandfather and his son and 14-year-old grandson, contacted their local newspaper, the Valley Sun, to help spread the word but have no responses from the note's author. Investigation of local residence records turned up nothing.

The canister wasn't hidden from view, although it might have been originally, with erosion making discovery possible. The hikers found the canister in a very remote part of the country, so it's possible that no one had made a similar discovery in the subsequent 40 years.

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