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Island Rises Out of North Sea near Germany
January 13, 2013

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A new island has appeared off the coast of Germany.

Named Norderoogsand, the island, which is 16 miles off the North Sea coast of Germany, has an area of 34 acres. It is home to more than 50 species of plant and several species of sea bird.

The overall shape of the island is curved. The sand dunes are 13 feet high, and grass is growing on top of the dunes. Both the dunes and the grass are helping prevent erosion from the ever-present ocean. Higher islands nearby have sheltered Norderoogsand from the prevailing winds as well, giving it a chance to survive.

The island appeared sometime in the past 10 years. Maps of the area from 2003 show no land in the area, which is not mapped nearly as often as are densely populated land areas.

The appearance of a new island rising above the water's surface is not new. Most recently, a 2011 volcanic eruption created a small island in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen.

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