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Promo Boosts Fruit Sales in Schools
February 22, 2013

Large changes aren't the only way to encourage students to eat healthy, a new study has found.

At two New York high schools, students found it easier to access fresh fruit, which was put in nice-looking bowls right near the cash register, and sales of the fruit increased. The same was true with salad in see-through to-go containers.

The study, done by researchers from Cornell University, found that fruit consumption by students in the two schools being observed increased by more than 18 percent and vegetable consumption by more than 25 percent.

The changes, the researchers, were subtle ones that didn't involve lots of money or effort. In every case, the change was a matter of changing the usual pattern of food display in order to highlight what the school nutritionists wanted students to consume. Students responded at both schools by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.

The results were similar to those found at another school, which had seen a noted increase in the consumption of fruit adorned with a sticker of the Sesame Street character Elmo.



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