Figure 8 Ferris Wheel Rising above Macau

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July 21, 2015

A Ferris wheel in the shape of a figure 8 will soon be part of the landscape in Macau.

Studio City, in Macau’s Cotai Strip, is set to become one of the world’s most exclusive casinos. The $3.2 billion development will feature a 1,600-room hotel, many opportunities to gamble and shop and eat, a Batman-themed ride, and the 425-foot-high “Golden Reel,” with its distinctive two-wheel connected shape, designed to look like a massive film reel. The ride’s nickname is the “Golden Reel.”

The ride has 17 cars, each having space for up to 10 passengers. Access to the ride is from doors on the 23rd floor of the hotel. And although the ride looks like a figure 8, it doesn’t take its occupants on a crossover in order to provide 15 minutes of expansive views of the city and the South China Sea. Instead, the tracks are in the shape of the number 3.

The casino is set to open in full in November.

Macau was originally part of China, then was a Portuguese colony from the 16th Century to the late 20th Century, and then returned to Chinese ownership in 1999. Some estimates say that Macau is the world’s most densely populated region. The city is also one of the world’s richest, in part because of the large gaming industry.

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