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State of Emergency in Egyptian City
January 27, 2013

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President Mohammed Morsi has announced a stage of emergency in Port Said, the Egyptian city that was the site of a deadly riot a few days ago.

As part of the state of emergency, security forces will enforce a daily curfew of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for a full month. The curfew will include nearly Ismalia and Suez.

The violence followed a court's sentencing of 21 people for their actions in February 2012 riots that resulted in the deaths of 74 people, at a soccer match.

The post-verdict violence, during the weekend, resulted in 33 deaths.

Meanwhile, in the capital, Cairo, anti-government protesters clashed with security personnel for a fourth straight day, in a sign of worsening tensions over the country's new constitution and deepening economic woes.

Morsi, in a televised address, invited political leaders to a national dialogue to discuss political and economic concerns.



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