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Dueling Protests Punctuate Egyptian Unrest
July 18, 2013

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In separate protests in Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities, supporters of the government turned out to show their backing for the interim leaders and supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi turned out to voice their opposition to that new government.

In sweltering heat on the 10th day of Ramadan, a large gathering of young Egyptians and members of the former opposition gathered to voice their approval for the new direction the government was heading. Interim President Adly Mansour swore in a new Cabinet earlier in the week, following announcements of an accelerated timeline for the drafting of a new constitution and of parliamentary and presidential elections. Mansour reported that the interim government was striving to restore security in the country and re-inspire many people's faith in the political process.

Meanwhile, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, so recently in charge of the government, were out in force again, in several cities, to continue their pursuit to get Morsi reinstated. Morsi, the first freely elected president in Egypt in many years, has not been seen in public since the army removed him from power.

The military was on high alert during the protests. Fighter jets flew over Cairo to mark the anniversary of an Egyptian military triumph during the 1973 war with Israel. Security was very visible at all of the protests.

Dozens of people have been killed in run-ins with security forces since Morsi's ouster.

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